Faith Community has three (3) assignments to accomplish for every person inspired to be a part of our family: Using the word of God and direction of the Holy Spirit, Faith


  1. Helps individuals to find their calling 

  2. Fosters family unity 

  3. Financial freedom that all flows to communities than to the world. 

Our mission and goals begin with these classes.  These classes combine the Bible and FCC’s assignment to help you.  

See God’s plan for the future! 

Fast start class – Our new membership orientation class introduces you firsthand to functionality and flow of our ministry. You also will gain the basic knowledge required to begin and strengthen your walk with Christ.  You will leave this class knowing how to Challenge and Change. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if coming to God made life easy? 

Well, that is the result of this class. If you are just coming to know God for years, this results that God calls us to change. We need God to help us change. 

This class will help you embrace obedience and family changes.   Accept the challenge!